Angry Birds has Arrived

Not much to say really. For those interested in Angry Birds can now download it here for their WP7.

The Defence of Lushington Springs Game for WP7

I covered a game that was in early development called The Defence of Lushington Springs. The developer has been busy working away at the game and it now a few days away from submission. The game is based on the ever popular Tower Defence games and contains nice visuals and audio. Below is the latest preview video showing a couple of the levels. Hopefully not too long before the game can be downloaded!

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Search for WP7 Apps with Visual Bing

At the moment, if you want to browse the WP7 Marketplace, you need to use the Zune software or an actual WP7 device. Microsoft have now released Bing’s Visual Search for Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.



CryoDefense Game for WP7 Now Available

You may remember seeing the preview of CryoDefence when the game was first announced. It’s now available in the Marketplace along with the trial version for you to try out. CryoDefense is a futuristic take on the Tower Defense style games and features three distinct levels, five different types of towers with individual attack types and seven difficulty levels to really test your skills.

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Defence of Lushington Springs Game Update

You may remember I posted an early demonstration of a game based on Tower Defence called “The Defence of Lushington Springs“. The game is still a few weeks off completion, but there has certainly been some progress made. The developer has also managed to test it on a real device and it seems to be running very smoothly. Check out the latest video of The Defence of Lushington Springs below and get in touch with the developer if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see in the game.

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First Wave of Xbox Live Games for WP7 Announced

The official Xbox site now has a section for Windows Phone 7. With Xbox Live being a key advantage for Microsoft, it was important that they took advantage of it with their WP7 games. The first wave of games have been listed and can be seen below. There’s quite a few of them, seemingly ranging from ‘gamers games’ to casual games. Check out the list below and click here for the official site. You can also see the press release here and read Engadget’s preview, with video.

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Worried about Games for WP7?

There’s no doubt Apple have shown exactly how big the mobile market for games has become. As smartphones become more ubiquitous, demand for mobile games are likely to increase and so Microsoft will be opening a new studio dedicated to games for Windows Phone 7 called MGS Mobile Gaming.

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Arcane’s Tower Defense Game for WP7

Tower Defense is a popular theme and Graphic Stream is working on a 3D version for Windows Phone 7. Arcane’s Tower Defense : Wrath of the Gob King is a great looking take on the Tower Defense style of gameplay. It also features a multiplayer mode. Check out the teaser trailer below.

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Windows Phone 7 Games Montage

1800 Pocket PC has created a montage of various Windows Phone 7 games currently in development. The video demonstrates (in order of appearance):

Check out the video below.

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Glow Air Hockey Game for WP7

Social Indulgence is working on Glow Air Hockey for the Windows Phone 7 platform. No prizes for guessing what type of game it is, but it does have realistic gameplay and varying degrees of difficulty. The neon-light look really makes it stand out, but an interesting aspect is that you can play either against a computer or a human. Whether the other player uses the same phone, or if it’s done online is not clear. However, due to the current limitation of not allowing real-time gaming on the WP7 platform (at launch), it seems that the former is most likely but the ingenuity of developers shouldn’t be underestimated ;).

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