Free Songs Alike App Now Available!

Verion 1.1 – Bugs fixed.
– Improved search results.
– New ‘Similar Artist’ feature
– New ‘Top Tracks’ feature
– Option to now view track on Google or Zune

Songs Alike makes it quicker and easier for you to discover new songs based on songs you like. Simply enter the artist and the title of a song you like and Songs Alike will return other songs you may like, which you can then preview and buy on Zune Marketplace. You can also find out more information on Google, in a couple of taps.

Songs Alike can also find similar artists to your favourite artists. Discovered a new artist and not sure what songs to listen to? Use the ‘Top Tracks’ feature to find the artist’s top rated songs (according to Last FM).

Songs Alike also integrates into your Music and Video hub. Listening to a song on your Windows Phone 7 and want to discover new songs similar to it? Simply fire up Songs Alike while listening to your song and click ‘Find Similar’. The details will automatically be entered for you.

The whole thing is powered by Last FM and is currently free without ads. Download it below and feel free to send me some feedback on what you’d like to see!

Download Songs Alike


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