Hasta La Muerte Game for WP7

Pohlm Studio is currently working on Hasta La Muerte (which means ‘until death’, according to a quick Bing translation). It’s a game that sees you harvesting souls of strangely shaped creatures. It sports an interesting art style with a ‘sketchy’ look. Check out the video below. The game is also part of Microsoft’s WP7 application contest here (French) so feel free to vote for it, or any other entry. For those who of you who don’t speak French, here’s the translated version (English) of the competition page.

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Butterfly Game for WP7

Press Start Studio, the team behind Twin Blades (check out MobileTechWorld’s WP7 Hand-On with Twin Blades) are now working on a new game, called Butterfly. It’s aimed more at the casual market, but the graphics are still silky smooth and very well designed. Check out the video below and follow them on their official site.

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Billiards Game for WP7

Who doesn’t like a game of billiards? iCodeLight is working on a billiards game for WP7, which is based on a Silverlight version created before. However, he’s looking to add a multiplayer mode where gamers can play between the web (with Silverlight clients) and the WP7 device. Watch a video of the game below and keep up to date on iCodeLight’s official site and Twitter account.

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CryoDefense Game for Windows Phone 7

I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of members from the team behind CryoDefense and was treated to a live demo of the game. Cool, enthusiastic devs + cool game (even in early stages) = one to watch out for. The team are working on their take on the popular Tower Defense games and have set it in a frozen wasteland environment. I think they describe the features the best :D:

  • Sweet visual style
  • Epic sound track
  • 5 different types of tower with distinct attack types
  • 4 exciting levels
  • 7 difficulty levels from minimal to extreme
  • Countless hours of fun for all ages
  • Global high score table
  • In game achievements

Watch the video of the alpha version below, and for more information check out the official site and follow the CryoDefense team on Twitter (@cryodefense).

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Lemmings Game for WP7

Heard of a quite addictive game called Lemmings? Yes, THE Lemmings? Well, a clone of it is being developed for the Windows Phone 7 platform! You thought you got over your Lemmings addiction, but it’s coming back to haunt you. The graphics will be replaced with custom graphics, but the gameplay will be similar to the classic game. Check out the video below, showing an alpha version of the game, and keep up to date on the developer’s YouTube channel.

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Battleships Game for WP7

I don’t think the concept of this game needs any introduction. Nesherhh is currently working on a Battleships game for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The video below is from a work in progress build, but the game will be available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. You can follow nesherhh’s YouTube channel to keep up to date with any new videos.

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Square Away Game for WP7 (with code)

Rishi from Orktane has uploaded a video of Square Away, which is a game based on the nRoute framework. What’s more, the source code is available from the official Orktane site, so you can see how to use the nRoute framework to create applications and games. You can also follow Rishi on Twitter (@orktane). Check out the video below and  grab the source code.

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BulletAsylum Game for Windows Phone 7

UberGeekGames have just announced their latest game, BulletAsylum, which is being developed for Xbox 360 and WP7! In their words,

BulletAsylum is a new spin on the classic defend-the-city-from-meteors genre. Simply touch the screen on a WP7 device, or push the thumbstick on the Xbox 360 to create a literal fireworks show out of your enemies with an impenetrable wall of firepower. Instantly purchase new towers and cities without breaking up the action. Split your fire in two directions by touching the screen in two places or using the right thumbstick. Unleash the screen-clearing Overdrive when you’re in a tight spot.

It doesn’t just sound cool, it looks cool! Check out the video below of BulletAsylum and keep up to date on their official site and their YouTube channel. For their latest tweets, follow the developers on their Twitter account (@UberGeekGames).

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Skyroads Inspired Game Heading to WP7

For those who remember “Skyroads”, the brilliant game where you take control of a spaceship and jump from platform to platform, get ready for a blast from the past. StefanNaN is currently creating a similar game for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Check out the video below to see the game in its current state and keep an eye on StefanNaN’s YouTube channel for upates. Also, if you want a reminder of the old ‘Skyroads’ game, I found an online Flash version here.

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Chess Club Game for WP7 (Online Play Enabled)

Chess Club is an XNA-based game coming out for Windows Phone 7 that allows users to compete online against other users. I would explain more details, but I think the developer has covered the whole thing pretty well in the video below :D:

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