New Feature Video for PhoneZune – Voice Recognition Lab

As promised, I’ve uploaded the video of the Voice Recognition Lab feature of PhoneZune. VRL makes it easier and more accurate to launch your song collection using your voice. It also enables the app to work with your voice by letting you decide how it should perform its recognition. The point of VRL is to give as much control to you, as the user, so that you can really tailor PhoneZune to suit you.

Deadmau5 Live [Nokia show]

I don’t really think words are required here, but this is one amazing marketing performance. (It was performed at the London Milbank Tower)

Let your Friends Use WP on Their Android or iPhone

Explaining the Metro UI to someone, or showing them screenshots, just doesn’t give the full effect of how great it is. Microsoft have therefore solved this problem by introducing a browser based demo which lets non-WP users test-drive Windows Phone on their phone. Using HTML5, MS have really done a good job simulating what Windows Phone feels like. You (or whoever is using Android/iOS) can perform the test drive from their mobile by going here : ( You can also use this shortened link:

Using Voice and WP7 to Control Zune!

Update – I’ve written a post outlining the plans for this project.

This is currently a proof of concept project I created and would love to get feedback. I love creating unique things and this is something that I’ve been using everyday. Simply say the name of the song and it will start playing. You can also watch the song’s music video simply by using your voice and WP7. Let me know what you think!

Slightly Off Topic – YTmulti Makes Watching Multiple YouTube Videos Easy

I’ve been working on various projects, hence the lack of updates (unless you’re following me on Twitter). However, I took the last fews days out to create a project to make watching multiple YouTube videos easier. (Started off a a personal project, but figured others may like it too).

YTmulti instantly creates a playlist of videos that have been split on YouTube. Usually, when one part finishes, you have to click on the next part. Instead, YTmulti brings back each part automatically and plays them back one after the other without you having to do anything. Simply paste the first part of a multiple-part video and it’ll do the rest. For example, this ( has three parts, so the link can be pasted and the remaining two parts are brought back.

Alternatively, you can just add the word ‘multi’ after ‘YouTube’ in the url, like this:
This makes it easier when you’re watching the video on YouTube and you want to jump straight to YTmulti. You can also share the playlist easily with one link so other people can watch the entire thing in one go.

The main advantage to this is that you don’t have to sign-in to your YouTube account (if you have one) and you don’t have to manually find each part and add them to your playlist individually.

Feel free to leave any feedback!

Free Speed Searcher App Now Available

 Speed Searcher significantly cuts down the time it takes to search the web. With an efficient shortcut method, you can be searching Google, YouTube, Wikipedia (and others) in just a few taps.
Want to search Wikipedia quickly? Instead of opening up Internet Explorer, typing, waiting for the page to load and then searching, simply fire up Speed Searcher and type ‘w’ followed by your query. Easy – and fast!

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Free Songs Alike App Now Available!

Verion 1.1 – Bugs fixed.
– Improved search results.
– New ‘Similar Artist’ feature
– New ‘Top Tracks’ feature
– Option to now view track on Google or Zune

Songs Alike makes it quicker and easier for you to discover new songs based on songs you like. Simply enter the artist and the title of a song you like and Songs Alike will return other songs you may like, which you can then preview and buy on Zune Marketplace. You can also find out more information on Google, in a couple of taps.

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Help Get Fan Made WP7 Ad Aired on TV

You may remember a video I posted showing an amazing fan-made WP7. The creator, Brandon Foy, has created another advert and has been recognised by Microsoft who has issued a challenge. If the video gets 200,000 views, they will use Brandon’s video as an official WP7 advert and give it a TV spot. Not only is it good that viewers will get to see a great WP7 advert, but it’s an awesome opportunity for Brandon to get his hard work showcased on a large scale! Check out the video below and share it.

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WP7 Announcements & Demo’s from MIX 11 with Joe Belfiore

Check out this video on Channel 9 to see Mango in action. It demonstrates some of the features mentioned in the WP7 keynote such as advanced searching, phone integration, live agents and multitasking.



ICE Alert Entered in Competition

Hi guys. I’ve entered my ICE Alert app into a competition. The competition is orientated around what the developer community might like. I consider health and safety to be an important part of a developer’s life :D. If you like the app, it would be much appreciated if you could click on the ‘Like’ button on this page. (It’s not a Facebook ‘Like’ button)

If you have a WP7 phone, you can download the app for free right now on the marketplace.