The Defence of Lushington Springs Game for WP7

I covered a game that was in early development called The Defence of Lushington Springs. The developer has been busy working away at the game and it now a few days away from submission. The game is based on the ever popular Tower Defence games and contains nice visuals and audio. Below is the latest preview video showing a couple of the levels. Hopefully not too long before the game can be downloaded!

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Defence of Lushington Springs Game Update

You may remember I posted an early demonstration of a game based on Tower Defence called “The Defence of Lushington Springs“. The game is still a few weeks off completion, but there has certainly been some progress made. The developer has also managed to test it on a real device and it seems to be running very smoothly. Check out the latest video of The Defence of Lushington Springs below and get in touch with the developer if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see in the game.

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