Name and Shame Bad WP7 Retailers

There have been many reported cases of WP7 not getting a fair chance in shops due to certain retailers failing to promote the device. Reports include a lack of knowledge by sales people, lack of display, broken or switched off models on display or sales people immediately recommending rival phones without reason. As well as posts on forums and numerous tweets, PCMag ran a story to see if they had the same experience.Robert McLaws, a former MVP, has created which is a website designed to let users report their experiences when purchasing  a WP7.

He’s not aiming to make retailers push WP7 over other devices, but wants to “level the playing field by not having crappy displays and dummy phones that just don’t work”. The real shame is that when everyday consumers get to experience WP7 first hand, many like the experience.

If you’ve had any experience with retailers that you want to report, you can visit and submit it.

via WinRumors


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