Slightly Off Topic – YTmulti Makes Watching Multiple YouTube Videos Easy

I’ve been working on various projects, hence the lack of updates (unless you’re following me on Twitter). However, I took the last fews days out to create a project to make watching multiple YouTube videos easier. (Started off a a personal project, but figured others may like it too).

YTmulti instantly creates a playlist of videos that have been split on YouTube. Usually, when one part finishes, you have to click on the next part. Instead, YTmulti brings back each part automatically and plays them back one after the other without you having to do anything. Simply paste the first part of a multiple-part video and it’ll do the rest. For example, this ( has three parts, so the link can be pasted and the remaining two parts are brought back.

Alternatively, you can just add the word ‘multi’ after ‘YouTube’ in the url, like this:
This makes it easier when you’re watching the video on YouTube and you want to jump straight to YTmulti. You can also share the playlist easily with one link so other people can watch the entire thing in one go.

The main advantage to this is that you don’t have to sign-in to your YouTube account (if you have one) and you don’t have to manually find each part and add them to your playlist individually.

Feel free to leave any feedback!


Wondered Why the YouTube App on WP7 is Poor? Thank Google…

When the YouTube app launched in the Marketplace, users were hoping for a decent experience that provided most of YouTube’s capabilities on the phone. However, it seemed the app was nothing more than a browser launcher that ran the mobile version of YouTube. At the time, no one really knew why the app wasn’t very good but, according to Microsoft, the blame lies at Google’s door.

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Get the New YouTube App (if you have an HTC device)

HTC are on a roll at the moment regarding their apps. They recently updated their ‘HTC Hub’ to display the weather on a live tile on the home screen. Today, they’ve released their own YouTube app which is far superior to the standard YouTube app. It’s now easier to browse and search for videos as well as watching the videos in full screen and high quality. It’s also possible to jump to a particular location in the video by clicking on the time-line (just like on the YouTube website).

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Few Quick Tips for your WP7 Related YouTube Videos

Quick tip to developers who are uploading videos of their projects on YouTube.

1) Make sure the video is public / listed. Unlisted videos can only be found by those who have the actual links, so anyone searching won’t come across it.

2) Use “wp7dev” as one of your tags. This is commonly used to search for new videos regarding WP7 development.

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