WPC Keynotes Back Up – Direct Links

Some people have been asking when the keynotes from WPC will be back up. It now seems that they are available via the ‘Virtual Pressroom‘ rather than the main WPC page. I’ve linked to the new videos, so you’ll now be able to see the keynotes if you missed them the first time round.

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WP7 Launch – October Europe, November US? Kevin Turner’s Great Keynote

Kevin Turner sure knows how to give a speech. His keynote presentation was brilliant and, even though there was only a short talk about WP7, it’s one I recommend watching. He mentions that the WP7 launch is likely to be October for Europe and November for US. It’s also the speech where he says that “[Apple’s] iPhone 4 may be their Vista” :D. It’s a great keynote and you can check out the whole video below, but if you only watch the wrap up on WP7, then jump to around the 1hr 21 mark.

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Video of the WP7 Keynote from the 12th (which wasn’t streamed)

You may have tuned into the WPC stream on Monday 12th in order to catch Andy Lees and Brandon Watson discuss WP7. However, the stream wasn’t working and we were promised the video the next day. Well, it’s now here! It’s just under an hour long. If you watched today’s keynote video then you will find some of the information repeated in the video below. However, this talk is aimed more at developers than consumers and 30 minutes in, Brandon Watson comes on stage to discuss development tools.

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[WPC] Andy Lees will be talking in the Morning Keynote

Update: You can also see yesterday’s keynote with Andy Lees and Brandon Watson (which wasn’t streamed) as the video is now available. Check this post for details.

You can now  see Andy Lee’s talk via

a) Direct Link (around 30 mins mark although there are some cool demos from 8 mins)

b) Virtual Pressroom (select ‘Streaming Keynotes‘ from the drop-down menu then select ‘Brad Brooks and Andy Lees: WPC 2010 Vision Keynote‘)

Andy Lees, Senior VP of Mobiles Communication Business will be taking the stage in todays (13th) morning keynote speeches. Hopefully some WP7 news will come through, possibly from a consumer point of view.

(The information below was from various speakers of the keynote, not just Andy Lees)

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[WPC] Windows Phone 7 Keynote Speech (No Streaming)

(14/07) Update: The video is available here

(12/07) Confirmed: There will be no live streaming of the WP7 keynote. A video will be available in 24 hours. (Tweet)

However, the beta development tool should keep us occupied until more information from the conference comes through. Check out the Windows Phone Developer Blog for more details about the new kit!

[UPDATED] Microsoft’s WPC Starts Today (12th) – Stream It!

Important change. There will be no stream of the WP7 Keynote. Check this post for details.

Just a reminder that WPC 2010 starts today (12th). Naturally, there will be many discussions going on, about a variety of software and services from MS. We’re obviously keen on any new revelations on Windows Phone 7. As mentioned before, I will update this blog when news comes through. However, for those of you who want to watch it live, the WPC will stream Brandon Watson’s keynote from 2pm EST (which I believe is 7pm BST).

Should note, that other keynote presentations will be streamed from 8am EST (check the agenda for keynote details).

You’ll be able to watch the stream over here.

For those who want to know what else is on, you can see the agenda here and download the conference guide here.