Developer? Get Mango on your Phone Now!

Title pretty much says it all, but you can now get new SDK for your phone. Full blog post here. Also, MS are starting to roll out Mango to registered developers. It may take a couple weeks for the distribution to be fully ready, but hopefully invites should be sent out soon.


Angry Birds has Arrived

Not much to say really. For those interested in Angry Birds can now download it here for their WP7.

How Ringtones Will Work in Mango

Alice Luu has written a new post on the Windows Phone Blog that explains how custom ringtones will work in Mango. Custom ringtones is a feature that has been requested many times (for non dev-unlocked phones) and will make an appearance in Mango. In order to sync a custom ringtone the file has to be :

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Free Speed Searcher App Now Available

 Speed Searcher significantly cuts down the time it takes to search the web. With an efficient shortcut method, you can be searching Google, YouTube, Wikipedia (and others) in just a few taps.
Want to search Wikipedia quickly? Instead of opening up Internet Explorer, typing, waiting for the page to load and then searching, simply fire up Speed Searcher and type ‘w’ followed by your query. Easy – and fast!

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US Press’ Opinion of Mango

Some US press members have been sent Mango devices and it now seems the NDA has been lifted and previews are filtering through. It seems that the press have really taken a shining to the early build of Mango and Gizmodo went as far as to say that unless there was a killer Nokia device, or a radical Android redesign, the choice this fall will be between the iPhone and Windows Phone. Not a bad result considering that Windows Phone has been out for less than a year whilst the others have had multiple years head start. Windows Phone Sauce has compiled a collection of previews from various sites which you can see here.

Free Songs Alike App Now Available!

Verion 1.1 – Bugs fixed.
– Improved search results.
– New ‘Similar Artist’ feature
– New ‘Top Tracks’ feature
– Option to now view track on Google or Zune

Songs Alike makes it quicker and easier for you to discover new songs based on songs you like. Simply enter the artist and the title of a song you like and Songs Alike will return other songs you may like, which you can then preview and buy on Zune Marketplace. You can also find out more information on Google, in a couple of taps.

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Name and Shame Bad WP7 Retailers

There have been many reported cases of WP7 not getting a fair chance in shops due to certain retailers failing to promote the device. Reports include a lack of knowledge by sales people, lack of display, broken or switched off models on display or sales people immediately recommending rival phones without reason. As well as posts on forums and numerous tweets, PCMag ran a story to see if they had the same experience.Robert McLaws, a former MVP, has created which is a website designed to let users report their experiences when purchasing  a WP7.

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Tour of the Music and Video Hub in Mango

The Windows Phone Blog has released some details on what changes can be expected in the Music and Video hubs when the Mango update hits our phones. It provides information on Podcasts, Smart DJ and improved Marketplace experience as well as new features such as the ability to set your lock screen wallpaper to be that of the currently playing music artist. Check it out here.


Cut Down on ‘Bulk’ Published Apps

If you’ve browsed the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, you’ve most likely witness bulk publishing. This is when a publisher releases a large number of, usually similar, apps in a short amount of time. Often these apps are exactly the same with only a slight change in content (such a “tour guide” app in which the publisher released a new app for each location). The problem with this is that that ‘New Apps’ section of the Marketplace is flooded with the same app and any non-spam apps get drowned out. It’s often been complained about and Microsoft have done something about it.

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Mango Tools Released And Conference Clips

Quick post in case you missed my Tweets. The Mango beta development tools are now available to download.  If you missed the conference, or want to watch clips from it again, you can do so in the Video Gallery.  You can also see some features in the video below:

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