Bringing Light to a Darkened WP7

I came across this blog post just now and feel I should try and address some of the queries raised.

I don’t speak on behalf of MS and as a non-iPhone/Android/WinMo user, I’ll try and keep it fair :D. This isn’t an attack of any form on the author (Alex), but I’d like to bring some balance to the picture.

The summary of the blog post linked to above says that MS is bringing too little, too late. The technology touted when WP7 was first introduced has become standards in the eyes of its main competitors (namely iOS4 and Android 2.2). I’d say that this is fair comment to make and does make sense to a degree. However, I personally believe too much emphasis is placed on the timing aspect – bearing in mind that MS don’t always make an impact straight away, but given investment of resources, they really can knock the competition (eg. Xbox brand).

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