Use your webcam with the WP7 Emulator (with code!)

The GPS Simulator seemed pretty popular with many developers and whilst I was browsing through various forums, I noticed the request for webcam usage as the emulator’s camera. In an earlier project (using the April CTP), I needed to be able to use the webcam as well as the ability to use images from within the application. The latter spawned the Testing Photos with WP7 Emulator post, but I could see no way to use my webcam as the camera. Well now (literally 10 minutes after coming up with the idea – that’s what happens when you have awesome dev tools ;)), I simply re-factored the GPS Sim code and have it working for a webcam instead of Bing maps. What PicSim allows you to do is to use your webcam to capture an image and then immediately have that image streamed over to your WP7 application, as well as other images stored on your computer. You can download the source code and see a screenshot below.

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