New Feature Video for PhoneZune – Voice Recognition Lab

As promised, I’ve uploaded the video of the Voice Recognition Lab feature of PhoneZune. VRL makes it easier and more accurate to launch your song collection using your voice. It also enables the app to work with your voice by letting you decide how it should perform its recognition. The point of VRL is to give as much control to you, as the user, so that you can really tailor PhoneZune to suit you.


Tour of the Music and Video Hub in Mango

The Windows Phone Blog has released some details on what changes can be expected in the Music and Video hubs when the Mango update hits our phones. It provides information on Podcasts, Smart DJ and improved Marketplace experience as well as new features such as the ability to set your lock screen wallpaper to be that of the currently playing music artist. Check it out here.


SilverTranslate App for WP7

Now here’s a cool app. Simple concept but very effective! SilverTranslate uses the Bing Translation Service to allow users to easily translate their text from one language to another. It’s still in very early development, so expect some UI tweaks, but check out what’s been developed so far in the video below. For more information, visit the developer’s website. Read more of this post