PhoneZune: New App Feature – “Your Voice, Your Rules”

I’ve just written a short post on an upcoming tool that will be included with PhoneZune. It’s aim to is to try and ensure that anyone can pick up PhoneZune and use it, regardless of what their accent, pronunciation or any other vocal idiosyncrasies. If development goes will this weekend, I’ll be releasing a video next week. You can read the post here.


Mango Update Being Delivered!

Mango updates have started rolling out to the public! As you can see from the update status pages (US, Worldwide), updates are now being delivered. It’s been some time coming, but this update is huge and I’m sure non-tech consumers will be pleasantly surprised with just how many new features there are.

Developer? Get Mango on your Phone Now!

Title pretty much says it all, but you can now get new SDK for your phone. Full blog post here. Also, MS are starting to roll out Mango to registered developers. It may take a couple weeks for the distribution to be fully ready, but hopefully invites should be sent out soon.

Watch ‘Mango’ Press Conference Live

Just a heads up. You’ll be able to stream the Windows Phone conference tomorrow (24th) on Microsoft’s Newroom site. (3pm BST, 7am PDT, 10am EDT)

500+ New Features in Mango

The VIP Mango unveiling event tomorrow (24th) will see MS showing everyone exactly what Windows Phone will be about. There were already a number of important features that had been leaked, but it seems that there will be over 500 new features and possibly new handsets.

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More Mango Features

The official Mango unveiling is happening on 24th May. Some Mango features were discovered around a week ago but it seems that the guys over at Windows Phone Dev Podcast have gotten a few more images showing more possible Mango features.

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“Walshed Phone” – Official Fix

You may remember that I posted about a possible fix coming out for ‘Walshed’ phones (i.e. phones that downloaded the NoDo update using Chris Walsh’s tool).

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VIP Mango Unveiling on May 24th

Although there’s been quite a bit of information going around about what Mango will feature, such as today’s leaks, not all have officially been confirmed or have been talked about in any great detail. It seems that this is about to change on May 24th when MS will be holding a VIP Preview where they will “lift the curtain on the next major release of Windows Phone.”

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New Mango Features

We already knew that Mango will be the update that really solidifies WP7 as a real competitor to the Android and iOS. It seems that Mango is being used internally by some MS employees and, as such, a couple of new features have been mentioned. This isn’t an official announcement, but it seems a developer wrote a blog post explaining some of the new features. The blog post has been taken down (for whatever reason), but LiveSide managed to take a couple of screenshots.

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Possible Fix for ‘Walshed’ Phones

Edit – This tool has been released here

There was no doubt that there were some delays when it came to releasing update for WP7. From the time it was supposed to be released to the time it was released, people either waited or sought unofficial methods. One of the unofficial methods involved using the ChevronWP7 Updater tool (now taken offline), which forced the WP7 device to download the latest update. Shortly after the release of this tool, Microsoft announced that using this tool may prevent users from being able to download any updates past NoDo. At the time, some people thought that this was just MS spreading FUD, but in a new blog post by Brandon Watson, it seems that it really is the case.

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