Mango Tools Released And Conference Clips

Quick post in case you missed my Tweets. The Mango beta development tools are now available to download.  If you missed the conference, or want to watch clips from it again, you can do so in the Video Gallery.  You can also see some features in the video below:

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Small SDK Update for WP7 Tools

In case you missed the Tweets, there was a small SDK update for WP7 on Friday. It adds a few new tools and fixes:

  • Windows Phone Capability Detection Tool – Detects the phone capabilities used by your application. When you submit your application to Windows Phone Marketplace , Microsoft performs a code analysis to detect the phone capabilities required by your application and then replaces the list of capabilities in the application manifest with the result of this detection process. This tool performs the same detection process and allows you to test your application using the same list of phone capabilities generated during the certification process.

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Monetize your WP7 with the Advertising SDK

There have been many questions on whether there will be an official way to monetize your Windows Phone 7 applications via adverts. Microsoft have now released the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 which you can download here. At the moment, it seems that it’s US only. Hopefully MS will expand this to allow developers outside the US to also use the control.

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Reminder: WP7 SDK RTM Tomorrow! (16th Sept)

I’ve been quite quiet lately due to working (in theory!) on my project. However, I figured I’d write a quick post for those not following on Twitter, to remind you that the RTM version of the WP7 SDK is released tomorrow, including the highly demanded Panorama, Pivot and Bing Map controls. XNA 4.0 is also being released tomorrow, so I’ll be spending the next couple days messing around with the new kit. Can’t wait!


New Windows Phone 7 Beta Emulator Contains Image Scaler

With Windows Phone 7 running on a variety of devices, albeit all of them adhering to the minimum requirements, there were some concerns regarding resolution against the screen size. Fortunately for developers, and consumers, WP7 devices include a hardware image scaler which means that developers can design their resolution at whatever size they want and have the image scaler adjust everything to look just as good on the whichever screen is running it. This technique is employed in the Xbox 360 and was not available in the old CTP version of the development tools. However, the newly released beta tools support the image scaling feature.

Check out more information and other advantages over here.

Thanks to WMPoweruser for the link.



Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta Now Available!

You  can download the new tools from here. You may also find this post interesting and check out the Windows Phone Developer Blog for important info!

Here’s a link to the MSDN information (highly recommend a read through of the Migration section). Also, from the Windows Phone Developer Blog:

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