Developers – See Reviews from All Countries

You may have noticed that there is an inconsistent number of reviews based on who’s accessed the app in the Marketplace. At the moment, it seems that you can only see reviews from your country and not elsewhere in the world. However, Tom Verhoeff has done a nice job on creating a website that displays reviews from all over the world. Simply enter your app’s product ID and click ‘Go!’. Check out the website here.

Also check out zTop Marketplace Analytics by Alex Sorokoletov which provides integrates with AppsFuze to make browsing easier.



WP7 Technical Preview Reviews

‘Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview’ reviews are now out. WMPoweruser has been kind enough to list the reviews from best to worst.


MobileCrunch has uploaded it’s ‘Pre-Review Preview’ of the WP7 device

Gizmodo has uploaded their review

SlashGear have uploaded their review (including an unboxing video and 20 minute video walkthrough)

Check out an aggregated list of reviews and discussions here