Windows Phone 7: Don’t Bother with this Disaster. Hmm….

Just to add, I would’ve liked to comment on the actual blog post, but my registration has been pending ‘moderation’ for a while…..

Update(19/07) – If you’re looking for a good laugh, head over to InfoWorld’s article, but if you want reviews by people who have had technical preview versions of the device sent to them, you can see a list of them here. Also, I’m still waiting for my registration to be moderated…..

I’ve read many articles regarding Windows Phone 7, some positive, some negative and some on the fence. Of course, no one knows for sure what the outcome will be, so these articles are welcome and an interesting debate can be brought to the table. This, being a WP7 blog, obviously believes that MS have a real chance with WP7 and are on track to really reinvent themselves in the mobile market. Having said that, I base my judgements of reasoning and facts and am willing to admit that it may not all come up roses. But, like most forecasting, I’m hedging my bets and am developing for the WP7 platform.

When I come across negative articles, even misinformed ones, I just brush them off and move on. But, I happened to catch an article on Infoworld which makes no attempt to hide its bias against MS. The first article (which is also referenced to in the main article) claims that developer’s are ‘tepid’ about the whole beta kit. Their source? A few developers. That’s right, these few developers (one of whom wanted to remain anonymous) has suddenly become the voice of developers worldwide. I obviously missed that meeting. That sets the tone of their articles and journalism style. Now, I’m not naïve to believe I’ll convert the author Galen Gruman to WP7, but there are many readers who come across these articles and take the information on face-value. Just like in my “Bringing Light to a Darkened WP7” article, this post is designed to help bring balance to the picture to show the neutral reader that there two sides to the coin (and not the one side shown in Infoworld’s 2D article).

The title of Galen’s article is “Windows Phone 7: Don’t Bother with this Disaster“. Eye-catching, intriguing and the headline fulfils its job of luring the reader in. Good job. Now lets analyse!

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