“Walshed Phone” – Official Fix

You may remember that I posted about a possible fix coming out for ‘Walshed’ phones (i.e. phones that downloaded the NoDo update using Chris Walsh’s tool).

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Possible Fix for ‘Walshed’ Phones

Edit – This tool has been released here

There was no doubt that there were some delays when it came to releasing update for WP7. From the time it was supposed to be released to the time it was released, people either waited or sought unofficial methods. One of the unofficial methods involved using the ChevronWP7 Updater tool (now taken offline), which forced the WP7 device to download the latest update. Shortly after the release of this tool, Microsoft announced that using this tool may prevent users from being able to download any updates past NoDo. At the time, some people thought that this was just MS spreading FUD, but in a new blog post by Brandon Watson, it seems that it really is the case.

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Workaround to Force NoDo Update

Some users have managed to get the ‘pre-update’ update sent to their phones, but not the main NoDo update. It seems that a simple hack can force your phone to get the NoDo (March) update. This method is not only straightforward, but seems to have a very high success rate. It was discovered by ‘Noticed’ on the XDA forums.

If your phone is listed as ‘Delivering Updates’ on the status page, you should be able to get the following steps to work.

  • Start Zune

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Check the Status of your WP7 Update Here

It seems Microsoft have heard the user’s wishes of being more transparent. As a result, they have created a new page where you can see the status of the latest update which, in this case, is the NoDo update. You can now see what stage the update is in based on your country and operator. This is certainly a step in the right direction in terms of keeping users in the loop and will make it easier for people to stop constantly checking on Zune whether or not they have the latest version ;). Check out the site here to see the status of your update.


NoDo Documented and Roll Out Begins

It seems that some users have started to receive the NoDo update to their phones. I haven’t got mine yet on my Mozart, but it’s nice to hear that things are finally moving. Microsoft have also documented the update’s new features

  • Copy & paste. You asked for it—now it’s here. Just tap a word and drag the arrows to copy and paste it on your phone. You can copy text from emails, text messages, web pages, and Office Mobile documents, and paste it anywhere you can type.
  • Faster apps and games. Nobody likes to wait. That’s why we’ve whittled down the time it takes for apps and games to start up and resume. It’s all part of our focus on getting you to the things you love, easier and faster.

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‘Pre-update’ Being Rolled Out

Today sees Microsoft rolling out  a small update for your Windows Phone 7. But, before everyone tries to copy and paste on their device, it should be known that this update is a small one that simply improves the updating process. According to the official Windows Phone Blog, this update will be the first of many, so MS may start to roll out other updates between ‘NoDo’ and ‘Mango’. The update won’t be available to everyone at the same time, so if you know someone who’s managed to get the update, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to at that moment. Instructions on how to check for the update and the full blog post can be seen below:

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WP7 Update Information

Paul Thurrott has revealed some information on how Microsoft is going to to be releasing updates.

Charlie Kindel has clarified that the ‘NoDo’ codename isn’t a jibe at Android’s ‘Donut’ update. It’s a result of a guy failing to bring doughnuts to a meeting after losing a bet. Should clarify some of the comments on Engadget about the name.

You can see the main points (and the keynote video link) in this post.

The first update is codenamed ‘NoDo’ and could RTM this week. However, it seems that users won’t see the update until early February, when carriers sign off on it. The update will include copy and paste, support for the Qualcomm 7×30 smart phone chipset, a CDMA location stack, and a number of software fixes.

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