Phantom Data Bug. Solved?

There have been various reports that WP7 is sending data across the user’s 3G connection, resulting in unexpected high bills. At the time, it wasn’t clear what was causing the issue and MS said that they were going to look into the issue. It seems that the culprit has been found in the form of a third party solution. The application in question has not been revealed, but MS are working with the developers to solve the issue. Below is the statement made:

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1.5 Million WP7 Devices Sold

The number of WP7 devices sold is something that’s been kept quiet by MS and any estimates were based on usage data obtained by third parties (Should add, most of the estimates were based on poor statistical integrity and weak suppositions). Although not releasing actual number of devices sold to the end user, MS have released a figure of 1.5 million devices sold to carriers and retailers. This number is actually quite significant in the view that the carriers and retailers are taking this device seriously.

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Windows Phone 7 news on the horizon…?

July 11th – 15th marks the dates for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2010 (WPC 2010). What’s more, Brandon Watson will be taking the stage on Monday (12th), so we may get some new information about Windows Phone 7. What this information entails is unknown at the moment, but we might start getting some concrete dates and details on handsets. As mentioned in Brandon Watson’s post on the WP7 Developer forums, for the next few weeks there are going to be a couple more conferences (namely MGX (sales conference) and Tech Ready (technical conference)), so new WP7 information may start to filter through.

For developers, maybe more information will be given regarding the release of development devices and SDK updates.

Naturally, any news received will be blogged about here on Phone 7.