Mango Update Being Delivered!

Mango updates have started rolling out to the public! As you can see from the update status pages (US, Worldwide), updates are now being delivered. It’s been some time coming, but this update is huge and I’m sure non-tech consumers will be pleasantly surprised with just how many new features there are.


WP 7.1 SDK Release Candidate Now Available

You can now download the latest RC version of the WP SDK which lets you create apps for 7.0 and 7.5 (Mango). It also includes the ‘Go Live’ license that lets your publish your Mango apps to the Marketplace. Click here to get to the download page for the SDK as well as the Release Notes.

Searching with the hardware button also searches the Marketplace in Mango

Not sure how well known this is but I’ve just noticed that in the latest SDK emulator, the hardware search button also searches the Marketplace as well as the web. For example, if I type in “ICE Alert”, it returns the usual web results (using Bing), but also provides a link to the ICE Alert app within the Marketplace (Screenshot below).

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Developer? Get Mango on your Phone Now!

Title pretty much says it all, but you can now get new SDK for your phone. Full blog post here. Also, MS are starting to roll out Mango to registered developers. It may take a couple weeks for the distribution to be fully ready, but hopefully invites should be sent out soon.

How Ringtones Will Work in Mango

Alice Luu has written a new post on the Windows Phone Blog that explains how custom ringtones will work in Mango. Custom ringtones is a feature that has been requested many times (for non dev-unlocked phones) and will make an appearance in Mango. In order to sync a custom ringtone the file has to be :

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US Press’ Opinion of Mango

Some US press members have been sent Mango devices and it now seems the NDA has been lifted and previews are filtering through. It seems that the press have really taken a shining to the early build of Mango and Gizmodo went as far as to say that unless there was a killer Nokia device, or a radical Android redesign, the choice this fall will be between the iPhone and Windows Phone. Not a bad result considering that Windows Phone has been out for less than a year whilst the others have had multiple years head start. Windows Phone Sauce has compiled a collection of previews from various sites which you can see here.

Tour of the Music and Video Hub in Mango

The Windows Phone Blog has released some details on what changes can be expected in the Music and Video hubs when the Mango update hits our phones. It provides information on Podcasts, Smart DJ and improved Marketplace experience as well as new features such as the ability to set your lock screen wallpaper to be that of the currently playing music artist. Check it out here.


Mango Tools Released And Conference Clips

Quick post in case you missed my Tweets. The Mango beta development tools are now available to download.  If you missed the conference, or want to watch clips from it again, you can do so in the Video Gallery.  You can also see some features in the video below:

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Watch ‘Mango’ Press Conference Live

Just a heads up. You’ll be able to stream the Windows Phone conference tomorrow (24th) on Microsoft’s Newroom site. (3pm BST, 7am PDT, 10am EDT)

500+ New Features in Mango

The VIP Mango unveiling event tomorrow (24th) will see MS showing everyone exactly what Windows Phone will be about. There were already a number of important features that had been leaked, but it seems that there will be over 500 new features and possibly new handsets.

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