My Lockscreen Text App

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Creating Transparent Lockscreen Wallpapers for WP7

MY LOCKSCREEN APP – Get text on your lockscreen wallpaper (with or without PIN)

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YouTube often has the Wikipedia effect. I visit for a specific reason and end up on a completely unrelated subject and never leave bread crumbs to find out how I got there. Well, today I was on YouTube watching some physics videos and ended up with a trip down memory lane with the X-Men cartoon intro. With the theme tune on loop in my head whilst working on an app, I was inspired to take a break from development and update my lock-screen wallpaper on my device. I had an idea of creating (Wolverine-inspired) claw marks as part of the lock screen. All the wallpapers I’ve seen for Windows Phone 7 contain no transparency. I thought it would be cool to be able to display the home screen ‘through’ the claw marks.

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