[Code] Saving an Image as Transient Data

If you’ve been developing Windows Phone 7 applications, you’re probably aware of tombstoning and information that should be handled during this process. An important factor is the storing of data to provide a seamless experience and give the illusion that the app has always been running. This data is commonly known as transient data and is essentially information that will not persist outside the app’s life cycle.  A useful example of transient data could be that of a user filling out a form and completing various textboxes. The app is then tombstoned and the user eventually returns to the app by pressing the ‘back’ button. By default, when the application is reloaded, the textboxes will be empty since a new instance is created. To provide the illusion that the same instance is running, and to improve the user experience, the app should refill all the data that had been entered prior to the tombstoning. That data should be stored in the PhoneApplicationPage.State property.

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