Free Obfuscation and Runtime Intelligence Service for your Apps

Microsoft and Preemptive have worked together to provide developers an easy and free way to obfuscate their code as well as provide useful analytics of app usage using Dotfuscator. The good thing is, it’s designed to work with Silverlight and XNA apps, so whether your making a game or an application, you can take advantage of Dotfuscator.

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Obfuscate your Windows Phone 7 Code

Update 07 Nov: You can now get a free obfuscator from PreEmptive. Read this post for details.

A problem a lot of developers worry about is the reverse engineering of their code. Using freely available tools, it can often be easy to extract the source code from a compiled assembly and, therefore, many developers choose to obfuscate their code, which essentially means that their source code becomes unreadable to humans (but continues to work properly). Of course, anything man made can be broken, but it’s a case of placing barriers to decrease the return on investment for would-be crackers.

PreEmptive Solutions have announced that their Dotfuscator Professional product will be able to obfuscate code for Windows Phone 7 applications. Their application allows developers to:

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