Chrome to WP7 App Now Available

We’ve all had those times where we need to leave the computer in the middle of an interesting web article. Well, Chrome to WP7 alleviates that pain by allowing you to easily send that website from your brower to your Windows Phone 7 device – for free! You need to be using Google’s Chrome browser for this to work (hence the name ;)). Simply download the plugin from developer Dave Amenta’s site and install it (literally takes a second). Then grab the free app from the Zune marketplace. Using it is extremely easy. When you find yourself wanting to send the link to your phone, simply click on the Chrome to WP7 icon in the Chrome browser and it will send it to your phone. You can then click on the item from within the app to continue browsing on the phone. What’s more, you can also highlight page on a text, click the icon and have that sent over to your phone as well. A neat little touch is that if the app isn’t running, a push notification is sent to the device. Cool app, and free! Check out more information on Chrome to WP7 over at Dave’s site.