Possible Fix for ‘Walshed’ Phones

Edit – This tool has been released here

There was no doubt that there were some delays when it came to releasing update for WP7. From the time it was supposed to be released to the time it was released, people either waited or sought unofficial methods. One of the unofficial methods involved using the ChevronWP7 Updater tool (now taken offline), which forced the WP7 device to download the latest update. Shortly after the release of this tool, Microsoft announced that using this tool may prevent users from being able to download any updates past NoDo. At the time, some people thought that this was just MS spreading FUD, but in a new blog post by Brandon Watson, it seems that it really is the case.

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Official Homebrew Support for WP7

When ChevronWP7 was first released, it allowed WP7 users to unlock their phones without having to pay the $99 fee. This meant that apps could be side-loaded onto the phones as well as enabling features that weren’t officially available. Whilst many developers supported this, especially those in countries where they can’t legally unlock their phones, others saw it as a means of helping pirates.

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