Video of the WP7 Keynote from the 12th (which wasn’t streamed)

You may have tuned into the WPC stream on Monday 12th in order to catch Andy Lees and Brandon Watson discuss WP7. However, the stream wasn’t working and we were promised the video the next day. Well, it’s now here! It’s just under an hour long. If you watched today’s keynote video then you will find some of the information repeated in the video below. However, this talk is aimed more at developers than consumers and 30 minutes in, Brandon Watson comes on stage to discuss development tools.

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[WPC] Windows Phone 7 Keynote Speech (No Streaming)

(14/07) Update: The video is available here

(12/07) Confirmed: There will be no live streaming of the WP7 keynote. A video will be available in 24 hours. (Tweet)

However, the beta development tool should keep us occupied until more information from the conference comes through. Check out the Windows Phone Developer Blog for more details about the new kit!