Board Express App for WP7

Some of you may be familiar with Tapatalk, which is available on iPhone and Android (as well as other platforms). It’s a popular application that makes it easy for users to read and write to internet forums. In the Android Market, Tapatalk is listed top five under Social (Paid) and in the iPhone App Store, it’s a top 25 social networking app. Good news for WP7 owners is that this application will be making its way on to the platform on 21st October and will feature the Metro UI design. The application will be known as Board Express and been optimized so that it minimizes the network traffic it creates, saving your data usage amount. You can write posts, open new threads, subscribe to topics and search. Furthermore, it can display unread threads or topics in your own themes, show private messages or send them and of course quote, edit, delete and report posts, and much more. Check out two videos demonstrating the application. The first video features the most recent version. It’s in German, but the video has English subtitles.

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