Amazon Kindle App Now Live

The Amazon Kindle app was one that many people were looking forward to since it was announced. Good news – it’s now available :D. Click here to download it.



Chrome to WP7 App Now Available

We’ve all had those times where we need to leave the computer in the middle of an interesting web article. Well, Chrome to WP7 alleviates that pain by allowing you to easily send that website from your brower to your Windows Phone 7 device – for free! You need to be using Google’s Chrome browser for this to work (hence the name ;)). Simply download the plugin from developer Dave Amenta’s site and install it (literally takes a second). Then grab the free app from the Zune marketplace. Using it is extremely easy. When you find yourself wanting to send the link to your phone, simply click on the Chrome to WP7 icon in the Chrome browser and it will send it to your phone. You can then click on the item from within the app to continue browsing on the phone. What’s more, you can also highlight page on a text, click the icon and have that sent over to your phone as well. A neat little touch is that if the app isn’t running, a push notification is sent to the device. Cool app, and free! Check out more information on Chrome to WP7 over at Dave’s site.


My FREE ICE Alert App Now Available!

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Spotify App Confirmed for WP7

For those of you who love Spotify, you’ll be pleased to hear that they are hard at work creating a version for Windows Phone 7, according to TechRadar.

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Travel Speech App for WP7

Emmanuel Scotto is developing Travel Speech, an app which not only translates text between languages, but is also able to speak! Naturally, this will save any embarrassment when attempting to put on a local accent ;). There are 11 languages the app can speak in (en, de, es, fr, it, pt, ru, ja, ko, zh_chs, zh-cht) and 32 languages it can convert text in. Needless to say, that’s a lot of coverage.

On top of that, the developers plan to add the a “speech to speech” feature which will allow you to talk into the app and will convert your speech into another language!

Check out the demo of a very early version of the app below and keep up to date on Emmanuel’s YouTube channel.

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Photo Caption App for Windows Phone 7

PelnorSoftware is releasing a cool application that allows you to add captions to photos you’ve taken on your phone. Photo Caption is a neat little app that lets you add text and speech/thought bubbles to your images and save it out ready to share. You can also create outline posters of the pictures – all from the phone. Check out the video below and keep up to date on the developer’s YouTube channel.

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BusTrack App for WP7

I’m going to retrofit a demonstration of a brilliant WP7 application that you may have missed. It was uploaded before this blog was created, but it now has a firm place in the showcase (sorry for the delay!) For now, this will be interesting to those of you who live in Chicago. However, the developer plans to explore other bus services around the world, so even if you don’t live in Chicago, you’ll probably want to see this. We’ve all been in the situation where you don’t want to leave the house too early and wait at the bus stop for ages, or leave too late and miss the bus completely (and, incidentally, end up waiting at the bus stop for ages :D).  BusTrack is an app that allows you to track buses in real time so that you don’t leave too early nor too late – perfect. Check out the video of the app below and keep an eye on the developer’s site for updates.

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SilverTranslate App for WP7

Now here’s a cool app. Simple concept but very effective! SilverTranslate uses the Bing Translation Service to allow users to easily translate their text from one language to another. It’s still in very early development, so expect some UI tweaks, but check out what’s been developed so far in the video below. For more information, visit the developer’s website. Read more of this post