Developers – Your Stats are Now Available

For those of you who have submitted an app to the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, stats have been lacking. Although it was said to be coming in January, we’ve been given an early Christmas present in the form of download and purchase stats! Visit your dashboard on AppHub and click on the reports section. It seems like it’s lagging by a week or so, but I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth🙂. When looking at the stats, it’s important to remember it’s really early days, so hopefully things will pick up in the new year.


Get Fellow Developers Registered!

For those developers who are eligible to register their phones and deploy their applications to devices, things are pretty cool. But spare a thought for those developers who are in countries where registration is not yet supported and so they are still stuck with the emulator. Brandon Watson, as is often the case, is listening to developers and their requests regarding WP7 development. If you’re from a country where registration is not yet supported, or know someone from one of those countries, fill out this short survey and let him know. Help those developers in unsupported countries move from the emulator to real devices!



Make WP7 Dev Searches Quicker and Easier

For those of you who were on the old WP7 MSDN boards, you’ll probably know that there was a lot of good information there. I often find myself searching those forums, then the AppHub forums and then use search engines. I figured I’d make this process quicker and easier so that you can search MSDN WP7 boards, AppHub, Bing and Google with just one query. I quickly knocked up a page that lets you do this. You can check it out here.


WP7 Deployment Error Codes Explained

I was trying to deploy a test application on to my WP7 device and kept getting a deployment error with the code “0x81030119”. Any deployment error code is usually caused by forgetting to have the Zune software open, or not reconnecting the WPConnect tool after previously having used the Zune software. However, the problem kept occurring and it turns out that the error code shows that  I have reached the maximum number of side-loaded applications limit. Quick fix is to simply uninstall previously side-loaded apps. Anyway, to solve future code-related errors, the following table might be useful. (Note the descriptions aren’t necessarily the exact official error message, it’s been translated from Japanese).

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VB.NET Support for WP7 Now RTW!

‘Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools – RTW’ is now available for download. Previously, VB.NET support was still in early stages (CTP), but today changes that. If you’re a VB.NET developer, you can now use your skills to develop for Windows Phone 7. All the languages the C# toolset supports is now available (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish). Check out the blog post linked below, which includes download links, code samples and more information.

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Making it Easier to Debug Media in Windows Phone 7 Apps

My current app requires me to mess around with media files on the device. I have my device plugged in and Zune software running. Simple, right? Well, not necessarily so. It seems that when you’re running the Zune software, the media library becomes locked and inaccessible to your app. This may be quite annoying when it comes to debugging and stepping through code on your device. Further more, if you’re running it on the locked emulator, you won’t have any music media to test with and so you have to debug on the device.  Fortunately, MS have released the WPConnect tool to make this possible, but it means having to close the Zune software. If you run the Zune software, you have to run the tool again to allow media debugging. I like listening to my music whilst developing, so having to switch between the Zune software and WPConnect tool can get a bit tedious. I decided to integrate WPconnect into the Visual Studio IDE for quick access. I’m going to explain a quick and simple way of doing it.

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Developers – See Reviews from All Countries

You may have noticed that there is an inconsistent number of reviews based on who’s accessed the app in the Marketplace. At the moment, it seems that you can only see reviews from your country and not elsewhere in the world. However, Tom Verhoeff has done a nice job on creating a website that displays reviews from all over the world. Simply enter your app’s product ID and click ‘Go!’. Check out the website here.

Also check out zTop Marketplace Analytics by Alex Sorokoletov which provides integrates with AppsFuze to make browsing easier.


Fiddler Now Supporting WP7 Emulator

You may have read my previous post on how to get Fiddler to play nicely with the Windows Phone 7 emulator, but now you don’t need to manually make the changes. The latest beta version of Fiddler has improved support for the emulator. You can download the beta here.



Silverlight Toolkit November Release

This is probably one of the highly anticipated toolkits, solely for the new controls it introduces:

  • AutoCompleteBox
  • ListPicker
  • LongListSelector
  • Page Transitions

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Free Obfuscation and Runtime Intelligence Service for your Apps

Microsoft and Preemptive have worked together to provide developers an easy and free way to obfuscate their code as well as provide useful analytics of app usage using Dotfuscator. The good thing is, it’s designed to work with Silverlight and XNA apps, so whether your making a game or an application, you can take advantage of Dotfuscator.

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