Google Acquiring Motorola Mobility

With the the patent infringement cases coming against Android (from Apple and MS), Google have decided to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. It seems the main reason for this acquisition is to help Google protect themselves from further patent issues buy inheriting Motorola Mobility’s patent portfolio. Whether this helps or not remains to be seen as Motorola Mobility themselves have been subject to litigation. So what does this mean for Microsoft and Windows Phone?

Well, for Google, they now have hardware expertise on board, similar to Apple. MS have Nokia as their ‘hardware experts’, but Nokia are still free to create devices for other platforms. However, HTC Android devices sell more than Motorola Android devices so it will be interesting to see how much Motorola improves in sales. However, a key aspect to all of this is the fact that Android manufacturers are no longer on the same level as each other. HTC and Samsung are one rung below Motorola when it comes to the Android partnership. This could easily see these manufacturers shift their focus away from Android and towards rival platfoms such as Windows Phone. Naturally, this would mean a bigger range of devices that run Windows Phone and a greater price range. Couple this with Nokia’s set of devices and you can really see Windows Phone being put on the map. You can read more about the acquisition here. (Note: The acquisition is still not finalised and has to be approved by the antitrust regulators).



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