Cut Down on ‘Bulk’ Published Apps

If you’ve browsed the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, you’ve most likely witness bulk publishing. This is when a publisher releases a large number of, usually similar, apps in a short amount of time. Often these apps are exactly the same with only a slight change in content (such a “tour guide” app in which the publisher released a new app for each location). The problem with this is that that ‘New Apps’ section of the Marketplace is flooded with the same app and any non-spam apps get drowned out. It’s often been complained about and Microsoft have done something about it.

In a new blog post posted today, Todd Brix explains how Microsoft are limiting app publishing  to 20 a day (per developer).  This seems like a fair number and will significantly improve the flooding problem of the Marketplace. They are also removing current ‘bulk published’ apps from the Marketplace and discussing methods in which the developer can modify their apps to be better made. This is  a step in the right direction as I can only imagine the frustration for legitimate developers who happen to release their app at the same time as a bulk publisher’s apps, pushing them further down the ‘New’ list to the area the majority of users never bother scrolling down to. A good start in improving the user experience in the Marketplace and a relief to developer’s who don’t plan to publish a hundred similar apps in one go.

You can read the blog post, with all the details, on the official Windows Phone Developer Blog.




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