Workaround to Force NoDo Update

Some users have managed to get the ‘pre-update’ update sent to their phones, but not the main NoDo update. It seems that a simple hack can force your phone to get the NoDo (March) update. This method is not only straightforward, but seems to have a very high success rate. It was discovered by ‘Noticed’ on the XDA forums.

If your phone is listed as ‘Delivering Updates’ on the status page, you should be able to get the following steps to work.

  • Start Zune

  • Turn off Data connection and Wifi on the Phone
  • Connect the Phone with the PC (USB)
  • Start the update search in Zune
  • About 3 seconds later, disconnect your PC from the internet (Turn WLAN off).
  • Zune finds NoDo-Update. Press OK.
  • Connect to the internet again and install the update.

You may need to try this a couple of times before it works.

via WPCentral



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