‘The Windows Live ID Service is unavailable at the moment’ Fix

This morning I tried to download various updates for apps I have installed on my phone. However, every time I tried to update, I kept receiving an error message stating that “The Windows Live ID Service is unavailable at the moment. Try again later.

I searched around and the solutions I found required either a hard reset, or having the phone revert back to the factory settings. However, it would result in all my information and settings being erased, so I wanted to make sure there were no other methods available before performing a factory reset. Fortunately, I found a way to fix this error without deleting any information.

– Log into your Hotmail/Live account and change your password

– On your phone, go to Settings…Email and Accounts

– Press and hold on  your ‘Windows Live’ account and click ‘Synchronise

– An error message will appear in red that says ‘Attention Required’

– Click on the ‘Windows Live’ account and enter the new password

– Synchronise again and that should now fix the error!

(Note: You can change your password back to your original one and follow the steps above)


Update –  If it’s still not working for you, ‘towering_heights’ has posted a comment with another solution that may work. (S)he tested it on the Lumia 800, but worth trying on your device if no other solution is found. The comment –

NOKIA LUMIA 800 “the windows live id service is unavailable at the moment” FIX
recently had a customer who had this on his telecom nokia lumia for weeks, took ages to fix but seem to have fixed the problem,
Time + Date

untick ” automatic”
select the correct country you are in

reset phone by holding down volume key and on button from power off


87 Responses to ‘The Windows Live ID Service is unavailable at the moment’ Fix

  1. Luca Azzani says:

    You are a genius! Great work!

    During this “Black out” period, I have tried to install the apps from Zune and not from my phone. Zune say to me that all is ok and that the app is installed but on the phone I don’t have the app installed. But if I go in Zune Settings – Account – Purchase History (App) I can read that the app is installed (BUT NOT)!
    Is possibile to remove these phantom apps? (Without removing the apps is impossible to install again)

    • keyboardP says:

      Hi Luca,
      Glad this post was useful! I haven’t come across the ‘invisible’ apps problem before. If the apps were ‘Games’, then they will only appear in the Games hub and not in the list you get when you swipe to the left on the home screen.
      Your best bet would be to ask in this forum, but if I find out anything, I’ll post about it.

      • Luca Azzani says:

        I have solved all. After an hour all the installed application appear on my phone!!! 🙂
        Probably with the new ID, connecting with Zune or updating the account the apps arrive on my phone!
        Thank you very much,

      • keyboardP says:

        Great stuff! 😀 Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Alex says:

    Hallelujah! thanks for this work around, like you i have too much important info on my phone to do a reset, and this problem has been bugging me for three weeks. Again thanks, Alex

    • keyboardP says:

      Hi Alex,
      You’re welcome! If I ever hear a solution to be a ‘hard reset’ or anything that results in losing all my hard work, I like to make sure there’s no other option! 😀

  3. Ivica Janev says:

    you ser are a genius. saved me from a full reset. i feel like i owe you a beer

  4. tysonb32 says:

    agreed…absolute GENIUS…not even the people at the Windows store could help…thanks again for your ingenuity.

  5. chuck says:

    i change my password on my PC … then i go to my phone and press and hold the account.. but no error message appears.

    please advise


    • keyboardP says:

      Hi Chuck

      Are you running Mango? After you press and hold the Windows Live account, you need to press “Synchronise”. If the passwords don’t match, the error message should appear.

  6. Eddie says:

    Thank you. I didn’t have to change my password. I just retyped it. I was struggling with this for days. Thank you for post.

  7. xelup says:

    it does not work for me: (
    do not know why.
    have a samsung omnia 7 with mango.

    i change my password on my PC and synchronise get ‘Attention Required’ and change my password, but can not download any apps.

    • keyboardP says:

      Hi xelup,
      Try creating a new OneNote file (or, if use one you already have) and sync it with SkyDrive. It should ask you to enter your password. Enter it there and see if it goes through. If it does go through, see if your problem is now fixed. (You can delete the OneNote files off SkyDrive if you don’t want them anymore).

      • haz says:

        Hi keyboardP,

        Nothing works for me either. I’m using Nokia Lumia 800 windows 7.5. I tried to force synchronisation but get the following msg:

        Result: Can’t synchronise
        Your phone doesn’t have a connection to the server. Check your connection and try synchronising again.
        Error Code = 80aa003a

        My internet connection is ok. I can surf all other webpage without any problem, but I can’t download, can’t use whatsapp and of course, can’t do anything related to my windows live ID.

        Please help.

      • keyboardP says:

        Hi Haz,

        Try this:
        – Go to http://office.live.com and log in with the account you have on the phone
        – Click on the small purple ‘OneNote’ icon (to create a new OneNote notebook). Call if whatever you want.
        – On your phone, go to http://office.live.com and open that notebook you just made in step 2. It will open in OneNote on your phone.
        – It will then search for Sections in the Notebook. Once it has found one, click and hold on the section and click ‘set as default’.

        Now try syncing (you might need to restart your phone)

  8. xelup says:

    I can not change.

    when I press Skydrive. it seek– then

    Cannot connect to Skydrive
    we cannot connect to Skydrive because
    there was a network problem. Check your mobile data or WiFi connections ..

    you do not need wifi to download an app?

    • keyboardP says:

      You need to use WiFi, or download via Zune on your PC, if the app is over 20mb.

      • xelup says:

        yes that i now, but most of that a download are less den 2 mb.

        If I use WiFi, it works. Then I disconnect the WiFi, And it still works until something happen.
        Have tried to find what it could be because it stops working,
        I press sync and it still works, but I can not sync SkyDrive, it says:

        We cannot connect to SkyDrive, there was a network problem: Check your mobile computer or WiFi connection.


  9. Lynda says:

    none of the solutions here is working for me. I cant even factory reset. it takes me back to the day i installed mango. how can i reset to d day i used d phone first. Before any updates.

  10. Lynda says:

    my phone is htc 7 pro.

  11. Nate says:

    Lets add this to the mix. I have tried all steps without success. I have changed my password online and my phone still syncs. I can receive email and browse everything that uses my live ID. I have even entered in a new password on the device that is very incorrect and still everything works EXCEPT for installing apps.

    Now if I get on WIFI, it works perfectly and then I turn off my WIFI, and I can still download things. Its like my phone loses itself until WIFI syncs it back up for some reason.

    Any thoughts out there?

  12. siddharthleo says:

    Yup….i don’t know about WiFi trouble but, I also have tried changing passwords but still it synchronizes.
    And so I can’t download apps…

  13. towering_heights says:

    NOKIA LUMIA 800 “the windows live id service is unavailable at the moment” FIX
    recently had a customer who had this on his telecom nokia lumia for weeks, took ages to fix but seem to have fixed the problem,
    Time + Date

    untick ” automatic”
    select the correct country you are in

    reset phone by holding down volume key and on button from power off

    and boom, should be working

  14. Divakar Devarajan says:

    Well, I have had this problem for quite a while but have been unable to find a solution.
    Today I tried logging into my live account on my phone and got a message stating that my email id was being used to send spam. It asked me to verify my mobile number, which I did and the issue is resolved.
    Hope this helps.

  15. Giri says:

    Awesome… It’s working.. thanks a lot (KeyboardP) 🙂 🙂

  16. Divakar Devarajan says:

    Always here to share what I can 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for the tip..
    Now my lumia can work properly again.. 🙂

  18. Ram says:

    Hi, Am using NOKIA LUMIA 800 OS windows 7.5 facing the same problem if i update or download any apps like “the windows live id service is unavailable at the moment”. With the above suggestions 1 ) when I change my password on the PC and want to sync , the phone does not even recognize that I have changed my password. 2) Tried by creating new “one Note” on http://office.live.com , when i logged in phone to open that new “onenote” which is created on PC ,not able to open it and shows this error ” Can’t connect there was a network problem and we couldn’t connect to the server. ” please help me out (keyboardP).

    • keyboardP says:

      Hi Ram,
      I’m not sure what else to suggest, but it seems that there’s a different problem involved if your phone doesn’t recognise that your password has changed. Make sure that the Live account on your phone is the same one as you’re changing on your PC. In Settings (on the phone), go to Accounts, tap and hold on the Windows Live account and click ‘Synchronise’. If your password has been changed, it will be unable to synchronise and come up with ‘Attention required’. Make sure the password is different (and try restarting your phone before synchronising).

      • roowilliams says:

        Any joy on this? Like Ram, I’ve changed my password via the windows live web site (on the computer, can’t even access it on my Windows Phone (oh, the irony) for the account that I use on the phone, and when long pressing the account>synchronise then it just says synchronising and then stops, as if it synchronised as normal. No recognition of change of password. Still get the Windows Live error. Very frustrating, annoying, poor. The tech support site for Microsoft assumes it solves everything and I still cannot find the link to actually contact a support person!

      • ad says:


        I was facing the same problem, but my window live id was working correctly on another sim,
        So I just called nokia customer care, and he suggested me to try apn setting …so instead of writing entire apn details, he just ask me to write in (apn name: aircelgprs) only, no other things and just restart your phone by default phone will get settings, and good thing is it worked for me 🙂 so either you try this if u are using aircel else just take correct apn setting from customer care..
        Try if it can work for you.

  19. abhi says:

    Hi Guys,
    This problem is now resolved. I didn’t do anything but now i can download apps on my samsung omnia w without ne probs…

  20. prashant sharna says:

    This is not the true solution.
    For nokia users solution is:(not for other wp users)-
    -in ‘network setup’ app click on ‘add apn’
    -now there specify you apn name there.
    And the problem will get solved

    • ryry says:

      hi Pras – I can confrim that i tried every other fix on this site however none worked until i reached yours 🙂

      I found my network providers APN and entered in despite the setttings being automatic.

      This has now solved my problem which iv had since MAY 2012 ( its now October ). I did however have to restart my phone before it took effect.

      Just for a bit of background – My Internet on my phone has always worked – If if i was connected to a wifi network everything worked as it should ( which is most of the time and why its taken me so long to look for a fix)

      SO its only every been when i wasnt connected to a wifi network and ONLY when i was trying to download apps/syncronize my onenote.

      Thank you so much 🙂

  21. Divakar Devarajan says:

    Hi Prashant, that will work only for people using 2g or 3g connections. Doesn’t work for people using internet over the WiFi. Btw, that is a good line of thought. I’ll check this out that way.

  22. Farmer says:

    I have tried ALL the suggestions above and still have had no luck i have finally reset my whole phone(lost everything) and still nothing its driving me crazy. HELP!!!!

  23. denis says:

    It doesn’t fix my lumia 710 not even after factory reset and am calling Microsoft toll free tomorrow as this is pure bull !! Still couldn’t download apps now 4days straight and needed some answers.

  24. malli says:

    **** of alot of prsn faced ID UNAVAILABLE. Problem me also I solved this problem wid changing password or first fill wrong pswd den right …..bt not permanent solution….Microsoft , service is very bad ..fix it permanent solution….

  25. rahul says:

    Windows Live ID Service is unavailable at the moment. Try again later. Same here. I,m also using lumia710

  26. Allison says:

    I had the same message as Rahul – tried to do upgrade from zune via computer crashed my phone and the computer. Have just got phone back after a month (replaced) to find still can’t access window Live ID absolute crap and waste of money for lumia 710. Have tried all of the suggestions above relevant for nokia and still no luck.

    • Neo says:

      may be you could try out this: just check for location (country) setting on your computer as well as your windows live account online. The location should be same.

  27. damilare Olubunmi says:

    I try to download apps on my HTC HD7 but any time I try it shows me WINDOWS LIVE ID unavailable right now try later. am so tired of the phone,i’v tried so many ways and have reset the phone but it still showing me that error.what can do again?someone help me out please.

  28. SandeepBhojak says:

    This worked:

    Time + Date> deactivate ” set automatically”

    region and language> set system locale,region format and browser & search language to your country.

    restart phone by holding Down volume key and Power button

    This solved my problem as of now and I’m thankful to the admin…

  29. ishatayo oladipupo says:

    I can’t still download and install on my HTC hd7 windows phone 7 despite all I tried.

  30. jack says:

    I starting seeing this issue yesterday (25th Jan 2013) and though there could really be some issue with liveID server/Market place, However I just tried rebooting by phone as I didn’t want to reset my password for LiveID. And it Worked 😀 ..

    • keyboardP says:

      lol, it seems there are quite a few ways to sort this issue out (and since not all work, there must be more). Fortunately for you, it was a simple reboot 😀

  31. aljaedy says:

    Hi ,I have lumia 510 by since I bought it downloading app from the market has failed giving me messages the windows live ID unavailable,try again later.help me.am in Uganda.i tried changing password of my windows live but its still not working!thanks.

    • keyboardP says:

      Unforunately these are the only solutions I’ve come across. If the suggestions in the main post don’t work, read through the comments as there are quite a few suggestions there that seemed to have fixed it for some people. Good luck 🙂

    • tamu cachu says:

      Hi im also from Uganda and facing the same problem. I can’t download of install any apps. Keep getting the message windows Live id not available! And i can’t to set the region locale to Uganda because it doesn’t have the Uganda option. I have a lumia 800. This is frustrating me! Help!!!!!! Tried all options above but nope! Still trying to avoid restore;

  32. aljaedy says:

    Failed to install app from market it’s saying windows live ID unavailable!

  33. ola says:

    I use HTC and my service provider was the problem mtn until I switched to airtel downloading was made easy.

  34. chris says:


  35. adjaka charles says:

    ughhh, I Tried Everything and my htc hd7 still remain the same, i reset it and after some time, it still turn back saying the same word, i am so confused i really need any help at all

  36. Herman says:

    Wauw it really works…I had a problem adding new windows life messenger contacts on my laptop.So I just changed the windows life password. that did the trick. now I can add new contacts again. Thanks. I do not understand why windows support did not put this simple fix on their own side.Greetings Herman from the netherlands

    • keyboardP says:

      Hi Herman! I’m glad that it worked. This post has had quite an increase in visits so there seems to be an underlying problem somewhere. Seems really strange as my solution works for some people but not others. Either way, enjoy the phone 🙂

  37. urooj says:

    My windows live id is not working for 3 days what I do plzz tell me salutations.

  38. lomba says:

    It works……thanks

  39. Chirag Shah says:

    I’m using Lumia 800 from last 6 Months, but some of net apps is working and some are not, like GCHAT is showing who is online and Facebook is showing can’t connect who is online.(means i can’t see anyone who is online)
    Few days back it was showing same, I had format my Cell and refresh but after 2 days it was working well but now again i getting this problem.
    Why it’s getting such issue

  40. Chelsea says:

    I have a windows phone too its the Samsung sgh i917 I believe lol but I tried to do both and so ill probably have to reset mine?

    • Chelsea says:

      I went to apn setting deleted everything but art.mvno turned phone off then back on and its working again yeaaaaa 🙂

  41. Price says:

    Pliz help me with dis.. Everytime I try to I install an app, I receive a notification day Windows Live Id service is currently unavailable. Wt can I do abt t

  42. adewole says:

    Having tried series of the solutions posted here as regard the message error ” windows live ID service is unavailable at the moment. Try again later” , yet non seems to work. Please I still need U guys to help me out.

  43. Price says:

    Guys hw do I go about d hard reset .. is t d same as restoring to factory settings

  44. adewole adedoja says:

    I use Nokia lumia 800 and I have the same challenge. I’m in Nigeria and each time I tried installing/updating applications on my my phone, I got the error message ” windows live ID is unavailable at the moment. Try again later”. It’s been frustrating coz I’ve tried all solutions to similar error message posted on this page but all were to no avail. I tried this procedure
    “Time + Date

    untick ” automatic”
    select the correct country you are in

    reset phone by holding down volume key and on button from power off” but my country, NIGERIA, wasn’t listed so I select WEST CENTRAL AFRICAbut it seems not working.Please help me coz it’s just been like I’m holding a dummy phone without been able to install and update applications on my phone. It’s close to three months now. Kindly help me out.

  45. Judith says:

    I have a lumia 610 but the last time I downloaded any app was the first month. For now 6months it tells me that windows id is not available at the moment, try again later. I have tried all possible solutions but in vain. I purchased it in the UK but I live in Uganda(East Africa). I even reset my phone n created a new windows account but stop gives the response. Please help;

  46. edna frimpong says:

    I have tried this method several times but it doesn’t work on my Samsung omnia7

  47. Anamika says:

    Hi All,

    Nothing works for me either. I’m using Nokia Lumia 800 windows 7.5. I tried to force synchronization but get the following msg:

    Result: Windows Live Error
    We are having a problem syncronising your information. Try again Latter.’t have a connection to the server. Check your connection and try synchronizing again.
    Error Code = 8501001F

    My internet connection is OK. I can surf all other webpage without any problem, but I can’t download, can’t use whatsapp and of course, can’t do anything related to my windows live ID.
    And i have also change my password but nothing…..

    Please help.

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