Zune Software Update Available

Update: Although MS aren’t stating what the update does, I had a snoop around the Zune directory and it seems that three files have been updated. They are all related to each other, with two being resource files. However, the main file to be updated is ‘ZuneWmdu.dll’ which is the ‘Windows Mobile Device Updater’. Definitely seems to be paving the way for an incoming update.

It seems that the WP7 update is coming ever closer, although the latest word is that the update won’t be available until March. Having that said, nothing has been confirmed, so take the March release date with a pinch of salt. What is confirmed is the fact that you can update your Zune software right now.

(Open the Zune software and go to Settings…Software…General…Check for Updates). However, what this relatively small update contains is not clear yet. There are no obvious changes and the reported version (4.7.1404.0) seems to have been available for some time. Why the version number hasn’t changed is unclear, but nevertheless, it seems updated DLL files have been installed. It also makes sense that this update simply enables the backing up of the phone, which is part of the phone’s update process. The Zune software also seems to be running faster than before, but I’m not sure if that’s just a placebo of sorts.



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