Phantom Data Source Found

(Update: This has now been confirmed by Microsoft.)

Rafael Rivera (one of the guys behind the ChevronWP7 team) has managed to locate the source of the ‘phantom data usage’ that appeared on some user’s phones. You can read the full post here. The main point is that it seems Yahoo is the culprit. It’s apparently sending 25 times more data than it needs to, which explains the excess bills some users received. Rafael suggests that Yahoo Mail users perform the following:

To workaround this, I strongly recommend Yahoo mail users reconfigure the phone to not transmit data via a cellular connection (Settings –> Cellular –> Data roaming options). As an alternative, you can set your Yahooaccount to only Download new content only on manual trigger (Yahoo Mail –> Settings –> Sync Settings).

Disclaimer: There is the possibility that other services and apps in Windows Phone are also causing unreported data usage overages. I’ll keep an eye out”

Some people have also reported ‘phantom usage’ and don’t use Yahoo Mail. There’s a chance this may be caused by a Wi-Fi bug described in this post.



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