Official Homebrew Support for WP7

When ChevronWP7 was first released, it allowed WP7 users to unlock their phones without having to pay the $99 fee. This meant that apps could be side-loaded onto the phones as well as enabling features that weren’t officially available. Whilst many developers supported this, especially those in countries where they can’t legally unlock their phones, others saw it as a means of helping pirates.

The bug which ChevronWP7 exploits has been fixed in the upcoming update. However, MS have taken an approach that has been seen my many, myself included, as a step in the right direction. Instead of trying to to fight the homebrew scene, Brandon Watson held a meeting with the developers of ChevronWP7 to discuss a method in which both parties are happy. According to the blog post on ChevronWP7’s site, most of the information is under an Non-Disclosure Agreement. The ChevronWP7 team, however, have stated that the meetings were very positive and that they are looking to work with MS towards long-term solutions to ensure that homebrew development is possible, but under conditions that will help protect intellectual property and ensure platform security.

Although the next update will close the current bug that ChevronWP7 takes advantage of, the developers are working with MS to find an interim solution.

It will no doubt be interesting to see what comes of this and is certainly a different approach to what Sony took regarding the hacking of its PS3.

You can read the full blog post here.

The ChevronWP7 team consists of Rafael Rivera (@withinrafael), Chris Walsh (@ChrisWalshie) and Long Zheng (@longzheng). You can also follow ChevronWP7’s Twitter feed @ChevronWP7.



One Response to Official Homebrew Support for WP7

  1. Gary B says:

    Microsoft is what it is today because of the open ended OS’s. In this age of locked down phones and proprietary mindsets, Microsoft has the opportunity to take the market as it has in the past. If they lock the phones down and hyper manage apps, they will just like the rest but less established. In my opinion, that would mean an eventual failure.

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