Upcoming WP7 Update in Action

AnandTech have been able to get a video (which you can see below) of the upcoming WP7 update. As mentioned at CES, this update brings copy/paste, performance increase and CDMA capabilities so that the phone can work with the Verizon network. The video demonstrates the speed difference of loading various games (Time difference can be seen in the image below). They have also been told that the update does not bring any improvement to IE or JavaScript.  There are optimisations in other areas, but none that the user will really notice.

Although there were thoughts that the update will be released in January, it seems it will be out “in the next couple of months”. As Aaron Woodman said in his interview, MS want to make sure that they supply the updates correctly without deleting user data (as seen by an Android update to the HTC Hero). Until we can get our hands on the update, you can see the performance difference in the video.

Performance Improvement – App Load Time Difference
Bejweled 16.9 seconds
Fruit Ninja 6.2 seconds
ilomilo 5.1 seconds
Xbox Live Extras 8.2 seconds

Thanks to AnandTech for the tip.



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