WP7 Update ‘Performance Increase’ Explained

We know the next Windows Phone 7 update will bring copy/paste and performance increases. CNET has interviewed Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman to try and analyse what exactly the ‘performance increase’ will entail. Turns out, the main thing users will experience will be faster loading games (although, technically speaking, the update will improve all apps to some degree). This is because the update improves the way the memory is loaded and so the most visible impact will be on apps that require a lot of memory loading (i.e. games).

The first example given was Flixster. The app already loads quickly in the current version, but the update will improve it slightly. However, since most of the data is downloaded from the web, the performance increase may not be very apparent. In regard to games, Woodman said “All apps will get better. Some apps will get incrementally better, games will get a lot better, and some games will get exponentially better“. The game Bejeweled has managed to shave off between 15-20 seconds – all without the developer having to do anything.

The final part of the interview was to understand why the update is taking some time. Woodman explains that this is the first time MS have done something like this and they want to make sure they do it properly. “Update is one of those things you can’t screw up. We have extremely high product satisfaction, and you can lose it in a second by hosing people’s data in any incremental percentage, so it’s a big deal“. That’s a fair point which, hopefully, implies that future updates may be rolled out at a faster rate once Microsoft are able to ensure that the updates can be released safely and without losing user data (as seen on the Android platform).

Thanks to 1800PocketPC for the tip.



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