First WP7 Update in January?

Update – Whilst the URL below still works, the new page has the word ‘January’ removed. What this means is unclear and we’ll have to wait and see.

According to the URL of the first WP7 update (, it seems that it is scheduled for January. However, it would interesting to see how quickly carriers will sign off on it. Assuming the user hasn’t turned the option off, they will automatically be notified when the update is available. If you’re not sure what you’re current setting is, you can find instructions on turning the option on/off here.

As mentioned in the keynote yesterday, the update includes copy/paste, improved performance and better marketplace search. Improved performance will result in faster app loading times and faster resume times. The marketplace search feature has been enhanced so that it’s now possible to search within specific categories (e.g music, app etc…)  The search button is now context sensitive within the marketplace, so if you press it in the Apps/Games section, your search will return results from that section. Pressing the button in the Music section will return results from that section. This has been something that people have asked for quite a few times, so it’s nice to see the filter available.

Thanks to BGR for the tip.



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