Creating Emulator Screenshots the VERY Easy Way!

Often, developers want to take screenshots of their emulator so that they can submit them to the marketplace. There are various ways of doing this such as print screen, dedicated WP7 emulator screenshot application etc.. My personal favourite, and arguably the easiest, is to use the Snipping Tool built into Windows 7. This isn’t anything new, and many people use this. However, it seems I was using it in an inefficient way (maybe I’m the only one :neutral:). Anywho, if you load the snipping tool (Start…type in ‘snip’ in the search box), the default value is Rectangular Snip, as shown below.

snipping tool

When cropping my image, I’d use the Rectangular Snip and highlight the emulator and try and get is accurate as possible. If the chrome of the emulator ever crept in, I’d adjust it in GIMP and try and ensure it remained at a resolution of 480 x 800. This got a bit tedious at times. Solution? Use the Window Snip option underneath :D. Select that, click on the emulator screen and you have a 480 x 800 perfectly cut screenshot! As a bonus, the emulator chrome is not included, so your app won’t be rejected from the marketplace for that reason. Don’t forget to set your emulator size to 100%!

Am I the only one who didn’t realise this? If not, hopefully it will save other people time :).


6 Responses to Creating Emulator Screenshots the VERY Easy Way!

  1. casaout says:

    Thats brilliant, thanks!

  2. Matthew says:

    I don’t understand why this capability is not present in the OS like it is on iPhone. Non-developers need to do screen shots, for blogging and to supply technical feed back to us developers… Depending on the emulator is a poor solution.

  3. a4w says:

    Freeware tool, no need to crop manuelly:


    • keyboardP says:

      The Snipping tool is also free as it comes with Windows 7 – no need to download anything. It also doesn’t require much effort as you simply click on the emulator and it’s automatically cropped πŸ™‚

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