1.5 Million WP7 Devices Sold

The number of WP7 devices sold is something that’s been kept quiet by MS and any estimates were based on usage data obtained by third parties (Should add, most of the estimates were based on poor statistical integrity and weak suppositions). Although not releasing actual number of devices sold to the end user, MS have released a figure of 1.5 million devices sold to carriers and retailers. This number is actually quite significant in the view that the carriers and retailers are taking this device seriously.

Considering the fact that it’s a completely new platform and is entering a very competitive market with mature platforms such as Android and iOS, selling 1.5 million devices within six weeks is impressive and will no doubt increase once the updates are rolled out and become standard in every device sold.

Thanks to Engadget for the tip.



2 Responses to 1.5 Million WP7 Devices Sold

  1. Gary B says:

    I think it’s a great phone. What makes this phone is its simplicity. I am an IT Manager and use it constantly. The only beef I have had so far is the locked down notifications and ring tones. They all use that same xylophone sound and are hard to distinguish. I just hope to see more modding capabilities soon.

    • keyboardP says:

      Yeah it’s a common, and understandable, request. Although it started out as a rumour, it seems more and more likely that custom ringtones will be made available in the next update.

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