WP7 Deployment Error Codes Explained

I was trying to deploy a test application on to my WP7 device and kept getting a deployment error with the code “0x81030119”. Any deployment error code is usually caused by forgetting to have the Zune software open, or not reconnecting the WPConnect tool after previously having used the Zune software. However, the problem kept occurring and it turns out that the error code shows that  I have reached the maximum number of side-loaded applications limit. Quick fix is to simply uninstall previously side-loaded apps. Anyway, to solve future code-related errors, the following table might be useful. (Note the descriptions aren’t necessarily the exact official error message, it’s been translated from Japanese).

HRESULT value Nature of the error
0x8973180E Zune software is not installed. Please install the latest version of Zune software.
0x8973180F Incorrect version of the Zune softeware installed. Please download the latest version.
0x89731810 Corrupted device configuration. To correct this problem, reinstall Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone.
0x89731811 Zune software is not started. Please try again from the Zune to ensure that the software is running.
0x89731812 Connection to device failed. Please ensure the phone is connected and the not on the lock screen.
0x89731813 Application failed to start. Please ensure that the device has been registered and unlocked. Explanation on how to register can be found here http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=195284.
0x81030110 Failed to install the application. Runtime error has occurred. Capabilities WMAppManifest.xml file located in the attribute content is incorrect. (This link might help)
0x81030111 Ensure the app has finished uninstalling before redeploying. (From personal experience)
0x81030118 Installation of the application failed. Device is developer locked. Register for the developer unlock program before deploying the application.
0x81030119 You cannot install the application. You have reached the maximum number of applications being developed for the device can be installed on this development. Please uninstall a previous developer application. (I believe the current limit it 10 side-loaded apps at a time).

If you get error code 0x89721800 when attempting to deploy to your phone device, this typically indicates that the Visual Studio datastore is corrupt. Here are a couple of workarounds:

Workaround #1
1. Close all Visual Studio instances that may be currently running.
2. Delete the folder “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Phone Tools\CoreCon\10.0”
3. Launch a new instance of Visual Studio

Workaround #2
The above error code has also been reported when Windows Mobile 5x or 6x emulators are installed in the system. Try uninstalling them both.



7 Responses to WP7 Deployment Error Codes Explained

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  4. Dmitry says:

    0x81030120 ?

  5. Wilton says:

    i have error 0x89731812 but the phone it’s connected to zune and the screen it’s no locked down, i tried wp developer tools, multixap installer and another program wich i don’t recognize the name, and all say i no connected to zune, BUT MY PHONE IT’S CONNECTED TO ZUNE ! what i do to deploy xap? help! sorry the poor english…

  6. Syakur Rahman says:

    Thanks, the workaround for 0×89721800 code really saved my life. The workaround works like a charm.

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