Monetize your WP7 with the Advertising SDK

There have been many questions on whether there will be an official way to monetize your Windows Phone 7 applications via adverts. Microsoft have now released the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 which you can download here. At the moment, it seems that it’s US only. Hopefully MS will expand this to allow developers outside the US to also use the control.

The overview, from the link above, states:

Increase your application revenues with the new Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7. The SDK allow easy integration of text and banner ads into your application, and consumes ads served by Microsoft’s mobile Ad Exchange, the first bidded ad exchange for mobile. The exchange includes multiple advertiser sales channels competing in real-time to purchase your ad inventory, incuding Microsoft’s national sales force and adCenter’s significant market footprint. Microsoft’s best-in-class ad targeting solution means better click through rates and better monetization, and the new SDK is integrated with Microsoft pubCenter to give you actionable reporting of how ads are performing in your applications.



5 Responses to Monetize your WP7 with the Advertising SDK

  1. Prabhu says:

    too bad it’s only for ad publishers in the US…

    • keyboardP says:

      I haven’t downloaded it yet. Whereabouts does it say that it’s US only? Hopefully they’ll allow developers outside of US to also be able to sign up.

  2. Prabhu says:

    Yeah, i installed it and was just going thru the documentation, hopefully it’ll be available outside of US soon.. here’s a snip,

  3. xpert360 says:

    6 months later and still not available for develpers ouside the USA – way to go Microsoft, continue to kick sand in the face of success why don’t you…

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