Phone Tree App for WP7

Last week, Twilio had their weekly netbook competition focus on Windows Phone 7. The winner, 4MK Mobile, came up with a great idea and app in just four days. Phone Tree, is an application that makes it easy to send text messages and phone calls, via the Twilio API, to a list of select friends and family. In particular, it was designed to be used when your baby is born and you’d like to pass the message on to friends and family. Usually, this would be done by word of mouth. However, this application allows people to sign up during the pregnancy and are immediately alerted with only a few button presses when the days comes. Check out the video of an early alpha version below and visit 4MK Mobile’s blog for more info. And congrats to 4MK Mobile for winning the netbook!



2 Responses to Phone Tree App for WP7

  1. Thanks for the congrats! it’s really a testament to how easy it is to develop for Windows Phone 7.

    • keyboardP says:

      You’re welcome. It’s a great idea for an app, and a nice example of developing an application to meet a specific need based on your experience.

      And yup, gotta love the dev tools 😀

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