Rumour of WP7 Launching Late August – Unlikely

Well, Twitter is abuzz with rumours that Windows Phone 7 will be launching as early as the end of August. This rumour seem to have started over at Neowin. It seems that Neowin has been tipped off that MS Australia will be holding a launch event but there has not been an official confirmation.

Regardless, I highly doubt that MS would be ready to launch WP7 devices as early as August especially considering that third party developers don’t have the final build of the SDKs available so I’m not sure how many apps would be available by the end of August. Add to that the lack of any information on devices (except those seen to be marked for release towards the end of the year), I can’t imagine MS launching devices. On the flip side, Kevin Turner did only mention Europe seeing the devices in October and the US in November – nothing about Australia…… ;). I personally believe that, if there is an event, it will probably be one confirming RTM versions of the development kit and/or WP7 OS, or other major announcements just short of actual launching. It’s still just a rumour anyway, so we can only wait and see (or wait for confirmation).




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