Where there’s WCF, there’s a Way

Prabhu Kumar has uploaded a video demonstrating an ingenious way of getting accelerometer data off a real HTC HD2 device and transmitting that data to the Windows Phone 7 emulator, making it easier to test any apps that use the accelerometer. He will be posting details and the source code soon, so keep an eye out on his site. Meanwhile, you can see the video of the demonstration below:




2 Responses to Where there’s WCF, there’s a Way

  1. Stan says:

    Slightly off the topic, but do you know if Windows Phone 7 will come out on the HTC HD2? Or at least at some point? Some sites claim that it won’t because the HTC HD2 has 4 buttons….I find that hard to believe.

    Any thoughts

    • keyboardP says:

      Hi Stan,
      There were quite a few rumours going around that the HD2 was capable of running WP7 and so there would be a free upgrade for those phones. However, according to Enadget, Microsoft have confirmed that there won’t be an upgrade because not all minimum requirements are met. However, HTC are a confirmed launch partner so there will be HTC WP7 devices.

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