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As promised, I’ve created a section to share developer resources regarding Windows Phone 7 development.This post will be updated every so often. I will tweet whenever a new batch of links are added. Of course, there are many more links available out there, but everything has to start somewhere :). The latest links will be at the top of each section (latest = when I come across them, not necessarily date of them being published ;)). If you would like to send me any links you come across, that would be much appreciated. You can either comment on the post or message me on Twitter (@keyboardP). You can see when this section was last updated in the right hand column, under the aptly named “Developer Resource Last Update” section.

Last Update – 09/08 – links added since the last updated will be displayed in green.


“PicFx – Windows Phone Picture Effects Application – Part 1”

“Jesse Liberty’s WP7 Tutorial Series” – (part 1, part 2)

“Kirupa’s List of Windows Phone Tutorials”

Silverlight 4 XNA Platformer Level Editor for Windows Phone 7″ (Overview, Details on SL app, Azure Storage, the Game)

Creating LINQ Data Provider for WP7″(part 1, part 2)

“Storing Local Data on Windows Phone 7 Series with Isolated Storage”

A Really Long Post About the Windows Phone 7 Push Notification System

“Building a Windows Phone 7 App – Sudoku” – (part 1, part 2)

XNA Touch Thumbsticks, Waypoints, and Sprite Sheet on Windows Phone

XNA Game State Management and Gestures on Windows Phone

“Developing for the Windows Phone 7” – (part 1  – the phone, part 2 – debugging on the phone, part 3 – your first app)

“CES Tutorials”

“Simulating Multitasking on Windows Phone 7”

“Introduction to the Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer”

“Tap and Double Tap Gestures on Windows Phone 7”

“How to Save, Load and Iterate Pictures with Windows Phone 7”

“One-time Cached Images”

“Encrypting Windows Phone 7 Data”

“Push Notifications” (part 1, part 2)

“Jump Start Sessions”


“Windows Phone 7 Sound Effects Issue”

A Cheat Sheet for Unit Testing Silverlight Apps on Windows Phone 7″

Size Apps and Games Properly Using the WP7 Emulator

Windows Phone Developer Account Guide”

“High Performance ProgressBar for Windows Phone 7”

“Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer Values”

“When does the Garbage Collector Run?”

“Frame rate counters for Windows Phone 7”

“Understanding the Windows Phone Application Execution Model, Tombstoning, Launcher and Choosers, and Few More Things That Are on the Way” – (part 1part 2part 3)


“XNA Wiki”

“XNA Samples Just Worth Shouting About”

“Windows Phone 7 Performance Whitepaper”

“Running The Emulator From the Command Line”

“Free ebook: Petzold’s Programming Windows Phone 7 (Special Excerpt 2)”

“WP7 MSDN Resources you many have (Dis)missed”

“wp7dev on Reddit”

“Windows Phone 7 Team Blog”

“Windows Phone 7 MSDN Forums”

“Windows Phone 7 MSDN”

“Official Developer Site”

“Windows Phone 7 Database (CodePlex)”

“Unofficial Panorama and Pivot Controls”

“Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta”

“Summary of Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements”

“Windows Phone 7 Design Resources – UI Guide and Design Templates”

“Documents for Developers”




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