Mixest App for WP7 – Praise for Dev Environment

A few days back, the GDGT team were visting Seattle, giving developers the opportunity to deploy their XAP files onto a real phone to see what their applications would look like on a real WP7 device. This is pretty cool, but what’s even cooler is the fact that a few of those developers would be able to walk away with a WP7 developer device! However, just to further add to the already high praise about the development environment of WP7, one of the winners showed off his Mixest app – which he started coding that very afternoon. It’s pretty impressive to have a winning app that was coded in a few hours. What’s even more revealing is that the developer, Eric, had been working on the same app for Android for two weeks – and both apps are at the same stage in development!

Development time on Android – 2 weeks

Development time on Windows Phone 7 – a few hours

Winning a WP7 development device – priceless

Check out the video here where Eric explains the app and his views on WP7 development.




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