Coaster Crazy App for WP7

Now here’s an application for those who are into their roller coasters. Coaster Crazy is an app that allows you to track your roller coaster habits and search for other roller coasters by their names, or by their park’s names. It features customisable backgrounds as well as the ability to add any roller coasters that do not come up in the search. Of course, the beauty of this is that you can track your record on any brand new roller coaster or really obscure ones regardless if they’re in the database or not. The application is in very early stages of development, but is still looking highly polished. The developer, AppsByDel, has managed to maintain the WP7 feel throughout and certainly one to look out for if you’re a roller coaster junkie. Check out the video below and keep up to date on the developer’s blog and Twitter (@appsbydel).

View the Coaster Crazy screencast here




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