How to watch the WP7 Jump Start Sessions

If you missed the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start sessions, you can now catch up. From what I can gather, there are two formats available at the moment. One is to watch all the sessions, including video of the presenters, from within Live Meeting. The other is to download the videos which contains slides and audio. I believe that full videos will be available in August. So how to watch the sessions? If you want to watch the sessions, with slides and presenter videos, then I recommend you use Internet Explorer. You will be asked to install a few plugins from MS. This method takes a bit longer to download, but it’s of a much higher quality.

Firstly, choose which session you want to watch from here.

You will then be taken to a page like this:

Enter your name and click on ‘View Recording’.

Enter your email address and company name then click ‘View Recording’.

You have four options:

  • Download the required Live Meeting files to local machine (for high-fidelity playback)
  • Download video to local machine (lower fidelity and no presenter videos – just slides and audio)
  • View in browser the high-fidelity Live Meeting with presenter video
  • Stream low-fidelity video with slides and audio

As I say, if you want to watch the high-fidelity session, use Internet Explorer and view in browser. Click on the button circled below, install/allow the plugins and enjoy!

To stream or download the lower-fidelity video locally (showing slides and audio), click on the bottom row media player icons.

Don’t forget, you can download all the relevant files and source code from here.




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