Marketplace Information from Session 4 of WP7 Jump Start

The final session of the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start course discussed the Marketplace and I felt that it my be helpful to people if I summed up key points. For those who were unable to attend, I’ve briefly summed up the Marketplace information given so far. Don’t forget, this isn’t an exhaustive list and I highly recommend checking out the materials and forums. Below is simply a (hopefully useful) overview :).

  • Once you’ve registered ($99/year), you can release up to 5 free apps per year and unlimited paid apps per year. After five free apps, you have to pay $20 per extra free app.
  • – Register for Marketplace from this site.
  • Windows Live ID is a requirement
  • Individuals receive payment as personal income
  • Students can create free Marketplace accounts via DreamSpark (same unlimited paid and 5 free apps applies)
  • You’re provided a Developer Dashboard giving details of your account statuses
  • 70/30 split, so you get 70% of the revenue and MS get 30%
  • The money will be sent directly to your bank account (less any deductions)
  • Payments paid each month, but a minimum of USD$200 is required
  • Tax is important (of course!) – check the WP7 Developer Site for important details regarding tax (for both, US and non-US based developers)
  • As a developer, you’re highly encouraged to implement a trial version of paid apps using the Trials API
  • Your application will be available from various countries, so think about Globalisation and Localisation from the beginning (save you a lot of time in the long run if you want your app to be used worldwide!)
  • Once your application is in the Marketplace, it can continue to be sold after your subscription
  • WMAppManifest.xml will tell the user what services your application will use so that the user knows what (e.g. Location based apps will require the ID_CAP_Location permission) – You can edit this file in your VS 2010 solution (within the solution’s Properties folder)
  • XAP file over 20mb won’t be sent Over The Air (namely, 3G/carrier technology)
  • Limit for all files is 400mb
  • For more information on submission requirements, check this document
  • XAP Deployment tool can be used to share XAP files (which can be loaded onto an unlocked developer device or the emulator). (XNA apps work slightly different)
  • You can create Beta versions of your app – These apps can be downloaded via the Marketplace and will expire after a short time. The Marketplace will automatically remove the app from the phone.
  • Image below is an overview of the App Submission process


  • App submission is currently not open as it’s being finalised. Approximate date is September.
  • If you were lucky enough to be sent a development device, you can send me the phone 😀 – you need the Zune software to ‘talk’ to the device.
  • Developers can register up to 3 devices and students can register 1 (if they went through DreamSpark)
  • You can un-register the phone (in case you want to sell it on)
  • Any copy of VS2010 can deploy onto the phone (so it doesn’t have to be on your PC) – the phone is still tied to the developer via the Live ID
  • Deployment to the phone will fail if the Lock Screen is being displayed
  • Breakpoints work on code running in the phone (impressive!)

Check out the slides, with more details and information about this and other sessions over here.



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